We are building an apartment building with a carbon footprint that is more than 50% smaller than a similar apartment building implemented with a conventional solution.

50% smaller carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly, beautiful and functional construction does not have to be more expensive for the resident. By persistently investing in every little detail of the design and taking into account the entire life cycle of the building, we find the solutions that produce the best results for the occupant, the housing company’s economy and the environment.

The life cycle footprint measures the climate impact of a building throughout its life cycle. The calculation has been performed by the consulting company Granlund in accordance with the Ministry of the Environment’s low-carbon assessment method (2019). The life cycle stages have been taken into account in the calculation in accordance with the YM method and Standard EN15978. The length of the assessment period is 100 years. The reference building in the calculation is the current building, which would have been implemented with conventional solutions. The results are based on the plans in force on March 19, 2021.


How do we get to a new level?

Meander’s footprint per year is 10.05 kg CO2e per square meter. With conventional solutions, the footprint of this building would be 22.60 kg CO2e per square foot per year. In Meander, we can read this by taking into account the lifecycle emissions of the building, including the following measures:

● Geothermal
● One hundred years frame
● Solar panels
● Intelligent home automation
● Optimized design solutions for windows, doors, bases and other details

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