Residential facilities and services

For us, detailed and holistic design means that we want to plan all the details that are essential for living carefully, so that the house becomes a whole where living is a holistically pleasant experience.

One part of the housing experience is the facilities of the house and the common areas. In Meander, these aspects are taken to a new level.


Common areas

The entrance to the N&B house is always met by an impressive and detailed entrance hall, of which there are as many as three in Meander. In the common area of the A-stairs, Meander residents can organize parties and various events. The A-staircase also has a sauna area with terraces and a hot tub. In addition, residents are served by a telecommuting space and a yoga room. On the first floor you will also find the familiar everyday life with a nozzle shower and bike service point in the N&B houses, as well as shared bicycles and storage points for food orders. The activities extend underground, where a 67-seater garage with electric charging facilities and shared cars will be excavated. The Underground also holds the resident’s own cinema and wine cellar.


Chosen Lifestyle-partners

Top architecture needs a unique design alongside it – Newil & Bau, in cooperation with Finnish Design Shop, offers future residents of Meander benefits in design and a curated selection of interior design products in the Meander Collection.

As a resident, for example, you can apply for a shared Pelago bike for everyday shopping. There is also a bicycle service point in the house. The house’s services also include a parcel machine, where you can order your shipment. In addition, facilities include cold storage facilities for food shipments; you can order food for your home without having to receive the shipment right away.

Meander Collection | Finnish Design Shop

Finnish Design Shop and Pelago

In addition to ambitiously designed homes, we want to offer our residents everyday experiences and practicality. In Meander we are assisted by Finnish Design Shop and Pelago.

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