Natural Wood

Wood veneer surfaces suitable for Meander’s architecture is at the heart of the Wood theme. Impressive wood surfaces create a strong visual and natural look. Warmth and expressiveness are transmitted from the apartment through the premises.


Overall look

Warm-toned wood veneer surfaces blow life into the premises. The wood material is adapted to the architecture of the site, respecting the look of the building. The kitchen and bathroom furniture is veneered, and the other fixed furniture and the walls are painted in the same off-white shade. The overall look is strong, showy and expressive.




The look of the kitchen’s wood veneer furniture stands out as a strong contrast against the white solid furniture and walls. According to the architecture, the wood veneer chosen is either black stained or natural wood. The standard option for the countertop is a compact laminate, which is chosen from three different shades. The quartz stone level, available at an additional cost, brings its own tone to the space.




The bathroom furniture has a strong-looking wood veneer surface. The floors and walls are limestone, with an elegant gray tile. The look of the bathroom is inviting, warm and powerful.


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