To your new home with N&B Mortgage

Making the biggest investment decision in a person’s life always requires a successful financing method. N&B Mortgage is a simple, affordable and flexible way to finance the purchasing of a new apartment. As a financial product its terms and conditions are better than in a traditional mortgage.




Bypass to your new home

As a Newil & Bau customer, you can access the benefits of N&B Mortgage in the bypass and receive an instant financing decision. It is a good idea to apply for funding in advance, as it is easier to choose an apartment once you have received a preliminary decision on funding. N&B Mortgage’s partner is Aktia.

The terms of N&B Mortgage when compared to a traditional mortgage:

  • Monthly installment and loan period that is suitable for you
  • Smaller down-payment: 15% of the debt-free price
  • More affordable margin
  • Flexibility for the loan repayment
  • Diverse options for protecting your loan against rising interest rate

We also provide the people buying their first apartment with a smaller down-payment of 10%. When the deal is being finalised, you only need to pay the deposit to be agreed with the bank. Typically, it is about 15% of the debt-free price.


Book your dream home through the interior selector and ask for a preliminary decision for the N&B Mortgage.


Meander apartments with monthly installments from:

Studio apartments 780 €/month (incl. interest and installment) + maintenance charge 90 €/kk (Apt C95, 22,5 m2)

Two-bedroom apartments 1018 €/month (incl. interest and installment) + maintenance charge 136 €/kk (Apt B64, 34 m2)

Three-bedroom apartments 1565 €/month (incl. interest and installment) + maintenance charge 240 €/kk (Apt C105, 60 m2)

Four-bedroom apartments 2920 €/month (incl. interest and installment) + maintenance charge 456 €/kk (Apt A24, 114 m2)

Additional information:

Financing requires an approved credit decision and a pledge of the property to be purchased to the bank. Examples calculated with a self-financing rate of 15%, a 35-year loan period, with a margin of 0.5%. For example, the real annual interest rate for apartment 1 (including € 392,800) is 0.53%. The loan is tied to 12-month Euribor. The exact self-financing rate depends on the price of the apartment and is 15% of the debt-free purchase price of your new home + any transfer tax. The loan delivery fee, direct debit fee of € 2.30 / month, and a possible Mortgage Guarantee fee are added to the costs. The credit is granted by Aktia Bank Oyj, Arkadiankatu 4-6, 00100, domiciled in Helsinki, Business ID 2181702-8.